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Failed DOT Drug or Alcohol Test 

Welcome to our Alcohol Drug Assessment Center – your trusted destination for comprehensive Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) evaluations. Our SAP services are tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals requiring evaluation for workplace-related incidents involving drugs or alcohol. Our team of experienced professionals ensures thorough assessments, adhering to industry standards and regulations. From confidential consultations to expert evaluations, we provide a seamless process designed to assist employees in their return-to-duty process. 

At our center, we prioritize efficiency, accuracy, and a supportive atmosphere, aiming to facilitate a smooth reintegration into the workforce. Trust us to deliver reliable SAP evaluations, helping you or your employees embark on a path toward a successful and compliant return to work. Choose the Alcohol Drug Assessment Center for trusted, client-centered SAP services that prioritize your well-being and professional needs.

What is a DOT - SAP

Welcome to the Alcohol Drug Assessment Center, your premier resource for SAP evaluations. Our team of Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) spans across the United States, covering all 50 states. Our nationwide network ensures that qualified SAP providers are available for evaluations tailored to DOT-mandated safety-sensitive employees. Easily locate a nearby SAP by scheduling an appointment with us. In response to the challenges presented by COVID-19, we now offer both remote and virtual evaluations, prioritizing your safety and convenience. 

Employers seeking qualified DOT SAPs for employees following a failed or refused DOT test can rely on us. If you're an employee facing issues with a DOT test, you've landed in the right place. Alcohol Drug Assessment Center is your ultimate destination for SAP resources, featuring a multitude of qualified SAPs ready to guide you through the DOT return-to-duty process, also known as the SAP process or program. Based in San Antonio, we extend our services nationwide to support individuals across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DOT SAP Return to Work Program?

A DOT SAP Return to Work Program is a structured process designed for individuals who have failed a Department of Transportation (DOT) drug or alcohol test. This program, overseen by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), involves a comprehensive evaluation and the development of a plan to support individuals in safely returning to safety-sensitive work.

Who Needs to Participate in a DOT SAP Return to Work Program?

Anyone who has failed a DOT drug or alcohol test is typically required to participate in a DOT SAP Return to Work Program before they can resume safety-sensitive work. This requirement applies to employees in transportation industries, including aviation, trucking, and rail.

What is the Purpose of a DOT SAP Evaluation?

The purpose of a DOT SAP evaluation is to assess individuals who have violated DOT drug and alcohol regulations. Through a thorough evaluation process, a Substance Abuse Professional determines the appropriate course of action for the individual, ensuring their readiness and fitness for returning to safety-sensitive duties.

How Long Does a DOT SAP Evaluation Typically Take?

The duration of a DOT SAP evaluation varies based on individual circumstances. Generally, the process includes an initial assessment, recommendations for education or treatment, and follow-up assessments to monitor progress. The entire process may take several weeks to months.

What Happens During a DOT SAP Evaluation?

Send SAP Request:

  • After a driver is identified with a verified DOT program violation, the employer provides the driver with a list of DOT-qualified SAPs.
  • The driver selects their SAP from the list or based on their research.

SAP Designated:

  • Once the driver contacts a DOT-qualified SAP and agrees to participate in their program, the SAP officially designates the driver.
  • The designated SAP provides ongoing support throughout the process.

Initial SAP Assessment Completed:

  • The driver meets with their designated SAP for a face-to-face clinical SAP Evaluation.
  • After the assessment is complete, the SAP updates and finalizes the evaluation.

Driver Determined Eligible For RTD Test:

  • The SAP makes recommendations for treatment and education based on the assessment.
  • The driver must comply with the recommended treatment and educational requirements to receive a Return to Duty Letter and become eligible for Return to Duty (RTD) testing.

RTD Test With Negative Results:

  • The driver is sent for an RTD test by the current or prospective employer.
  • Upon producing a negative RTD test result, the driver is no longer prohibited from performing safety-sensitive functions.

Follow-Up Testing Plan Completed:

  • Once the driver has returned to work, any employer during the prescribed time is responsible for completing the testing plan outlined by the SAP.
  • The follow-up testing plan is a crucial component to monitor the driver's ongoing compliance.

This structured series of steps guides the driver through the SAP process, ensuring that they receive the necessary support, assessments, and testing to facilitate their return to safety-sensitive functions in accordance with DOT regulations.

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